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Our Literacy Narrative Essay

What is a literacy narrative essay?

A literacy narrative is telling a story. It is relating an experience which tells about a time when reading and/or writing helped you to learn something significant. The main idea of a literacy narrative is to write about the importance of books or written text in one’s life and how they shaped your attitudes toward writing or thinking. The following are a few tips and suggestions to help with writing a literacy narrative essay:

  • Think about different details like how things look, smell, sound, taste, and feel. Relate what you were feeling emotionally.
  • Consider the audience. When writing the literacy narrative, think about who your audience is and write to them.
  • Your literacy narrative may focus on one main event or it may cover a period of time. However, make it clear to the reader why the narrative is significant for you now. Discuss how it has changed or affected you.
  • Consider what you want readers to take away from the story. Is the experience something they can relate to?

Read a literacy narrative essay example to get ideas.

The following are a couple of paragraphs from a literacy narrative essay:

“The first book I ever read myself was about a cat. I read it the same day I learned how to tie my shoes, so I felt extra smart. The book’s name was “The Cat In The Hat” by Dr. Seuss and I thought it was the most amazing book in the world. When I think of it, I not only think about how I learned to read with that book, but it also brings back many childhood memories.

Many of the books I remember reading as a small child trigger thoughts of good times. Dr. Seuss was definitely one of my favorite authors as a kid. I felt important reading his books. Then, as I got older and my reading skills improved, chapter books came into play. My favorite author became C.S. Lewis. His books are classics. “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” and the rest of the Narnia series went on to become my new favorite books. They tapped into my imagination so much, and I remember almost being those characters and practically living in their world as I read.”

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