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Writing a personal essay takes extensive time, effort, and skill, and even then there are no guarantees! It’s something you include in a resume, or a college application, and these two things share something in common: they’re one in a million. Whether you are applying for a university, or applying for a job, you’re going to be one of many people being considered, so that makes the goal of both the same, to set you apart. There’s going to be a mass of resumes and a mass of job applications, in your personal essay you have to distinguish yourself from this mass and show the company or school that you’re capable of being successful in their environment. This makes the personal essay a very difficult thing to nail perfectly, so seeking help is okay!

What to look for When Writing Personal Essay with Us

The most important thing to consider when seeking a service to write your personal essay is how much you can get involved, how much control you have. You might think the quality and experience level of the professional writers is the most important thing, and believe us we don’t underestimate its importance, but a personal essay has to contain a lot of you in it and it’s not something someone can blindly write for you, it has to be a somewhat intensive process. We understand this better than any other personal essay service on the web, and we’ve built our process around getting you the best availability and personalized service.

How We work

Here’s how we work, whenever you have to write a personal essay just send the basics and whatever direction and tips you want into personalessay.org, we’ll look it over and send you a quote with a direct link to the payment. Just complete the payment and your personal essay is being worked on by an experienced and skilled professional immediately! From there you can contact and freely communicate with your assigned professional whenever and as often as you wish as long as they’re working on your essay. You have complete creative control, and the whole process is kept simple and stress free. Our easy process, affordability, and great customer service is what sets us apart and makes us the destination for personal essays!

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