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How To Write A Narrative Descriptive Essay

What is a narrative descriptive essay

A narrative descriptive essay is meant to provide a vivid description of a situation, person or item so that the reader can see it in their mind as the narrator saw it in person. It is required in many writing courses, both in high school and in college. This style of writing is a large part of what makes many novels, short stories and essays entertaining as readers are able to feel like they are experiencing what the narrator did. A narrative descriptive essay involves the use of a lot of descriptive tools such as:

  • Similes – An expression which describes a person or thing as being similar to someone or something else.
  • Adverbs – Words that add information about the action, event, or situation mentioned in a sentence.
  • Adjectives – Words that describe or provide information about a person or thing

Steps in writing a narrative descriptive essay

The steps in how to write a descriptive narrative essay are shown here:

  1. Pick an interesting topic – Choose the kind of subject matter that will give you more room to make use of your descriptive language.
  2. Create the outline – Depict the storyline you want to follow. Detail how the beginning, middle and ending written.
  3. Identify what is to be described – Determine the importance of characters, places and situations to be described and how much detail to use for each.
  4. Develop a thesis statement – Make the purpose clear to the reader
  5. Write the essay
  • Include the thesis statement into the introduction.
  • Ensure proper chronology and stick to the outline so the story makes sense.
  • Evaluate use of descriptive language. Use adequate but not excessive descriptive language.

6. Revise, edit and proofread

Read descriptive narrative essay examples to give you ideas how to write your own. The following is an example taken from a descriptive narrative essay:

Narrative Descriptive Essay“Although my house was a pleasant place I still liked to escape from there to a place of fantastic experiences, the town library. I spent many cold, rainy afternoons as a child in the library searching for new and exciting stories. I still remember that old brick building with the big, brown doors that creaked as they were opened. The library was always very quiet, with the exception of the sound of raindrops striking on the windows. The air smelled like paper with a hint of the floor wax that was used to maintain the shine on the floor thrown in. The walls of the room were painted an off white with brown moldings around the white ceiling. Yellow light bulbs hung from the ceiling and lit up the room. Large, wood bookcases were packed with books. I still remember the old librarian lady who looked like somebody’s grandmother, with an ever present friendly smile on her face. I have to admit that the library was one of my favorite places.”

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